Pinches and Handfuls Recipe Book

Pinches and Handfuls Recipe Book

At Opal Aged Care our residents and families are at the centre of our homes. We get so much enjoyment from capturing memories and the history of our residents lives before they came to live with us. A wonderful example of this comes from the team at Opal Endeavour, one of our homes in the Blue Mountains, where the reminiscence workshops resulted in a wonderful recipe book aptly called “Pinches & Handfuls”.

Within these workshops, all residents were given the opportunity to cook recipes gathered from these sessions and with the help of their families the team were inundated with family recipes, traditions and memories. Recipes turned up on tiny bits of paper, in bibles and address books, or long lost recipes were transcribed from the resident’s memories, writing down the pinches, handfuls and touches of this and splashes of that.

The 106-page book includes a range of delicious recipes from biscuits, cakes and slices to heart-warming dinners and puddings. These recipes are a reflection of family history over a range of generations and cultures.

“Pinches & Handfuls” invites you to read a collection of the most loved recipes and memories.

The book is dedicated to the amazing men, women and families who generously shared their memories and what these recipes meant to them.

If you would like your own copy, the book is available to purchase directly from Opal Endeavour (RRP $25.00 plus postage). All proceeds raised from this book will be donated to Dementia Australia.

Telephone Opal Endeavour on 02 4754 6000 to purchase your copy of the book.

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