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Opal Seaside

184 Garden Street
NSW, 2102

Phone: 02 9910 7600
Fax: 02 9910 7699

Home Description

Located on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, at Opal Seaside our focus is always on providing a friendly and inviting atmosphere for all our residents and families.

In this spacious and light-filled home, our outstanding team will help you maintain the highest possible quality of life. This includes specialist clinical care, social and recreational programs and nutritious, home-style meals freshly cooked on-site.

With our range of accommodation options and living spaces, you can be sure you’ll be able to maintain a high level of safety and comfort. Strong links to the community demonstrate that everything here is designed to help make your life as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.


Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment or a combination of both. A maximum refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) is paid as a lump sum amount. A maximum daily accommodation payment (DAP) accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example monthly. A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments.

RoomRoom TypeMax OccSizeRADDAP50% RAD50% DAP

Standard rooms are light-filled, clean, fresh and appropriately furnished, with shared ensuite.

Superior rooms are private, clean, fresh and appropriately furnished, with shared ensuite.