Opal Stanmore

66 Cambridge Street, Stanmore, Inner West Sydney, NSW 2048

Types of care:   Permanent Respite

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Welcome to
Opal Stanmore

Opal Stanmore is set in a quiet residential area in Sydney's Inner West, just 5km from the CBD and close to public transport.

Our popular Men's Club caters specifically to the interests of our residents and provides opportunities for friendships to grow.

Our home offers a unique companion model of care, which fosters a sense of community and opportunities for close personal connection. Our residents and team are culturally diverse and we enjoy celebrating the varied heritage with food, entertainment and activities.


Opal Stanmore has the following home features

Dining areas

Lounge & dining areas

Courtyard Areas

Courtyard Areas

Landscaped Gardens

Landscaped Gardens

Allied Health

Primary & Allied Health

Interactive Technology

Interactive Technology

Gardening Club

Gardening Club

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

Creative / Craft Groups

Creative / Crafts Group

In-House Chef

In-House Chef

Life in Opal Stanmore

Opal Home & Care

Daily Living

Our homes are designed to offer high-quality clinical care while supporting a purposeful lifestyle. A range of room choices are available and all shared spaces within our homes include a comfortable lounge, dining areas and inviting outdoor spaces.

Our approach to care means we take the time to get to know you and understand your individual needs and preferences. Our clinical team provides exceptional care, working with medical and allied health professionals to ensure all your health needs are met to a consistently high standard. 

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Leisure Activities

Leisure Activities

Our homes are vibrant communities because we ensure that our residents lead a meaningful life by engaging in activities that bring joy to both heart and mind. Do you have an interest in art, crafts, music, gardening or games? Whatever your interest, we will work to ensure that you have the opportunity to pursue your passions.

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Opal Food Service


Food is essential to our wellbeing and happiness and is much more than just fuel for our bodies. Made fresh daily by our qualified chefs, our meals contain the finest quality ingredients, are nutritionally balanced, look appetising and taste delicious! Dining is a social experience with meals served in a homely environment that promotes interaction and a sense of community.

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Room Options


Superior Room

Type: Single

Size: 16

Key features

  1 bed

  Shared bathroom

Companion room

Standard Room

Type: Companion

Size: 18-36

Key features

  4 beds

  Shared bathroom


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Care fees

Basic daily care fee

$52.25PER DAY

Means tested care fee

Determined by Department of Human Services

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