Opal Aged Care’s Response for South Gippsland Sentinel-Times

6 November, 2017: Opal Aged Care is committed to upgrading and refurbishing older homes to meet the comfort and physical needs of residents. The final stage of a significant capital update of Opal Seahaven is underway which includes upgrades to the ensuites of 40 single rooms in the oldest section of the home. This work is important and we are aiming to complete it as quickly as possible as we also recognise that these improvements can be disruptive to the comfort of our residents. This aim drove our initial approach to management of the works.

Residents whose ensuites were being upgraded over a 2-3 week period vacated their rooms on those days when works were undertaken. The builders conducted a handover procedure every afternoon to ensure their room was clean before the residents returned. During this time, residents had access to a vacant room with bathroom and toilet facilities in close proximity to their rooms. At no point were residents left without access to shower and toilet facilities.

Opal acted quickly to address the concerns raised by one family around these upgrade works. Due to this feedback, we also reviewed our policy for our improvement works in the future and we have undertaken to move residents to vacant rooms for the duration of such works.

This approach is being followed for the final two stages of ensuite upgrades at Seahaven, which are expected to conclude in December.

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