New Rehabilitation Centre – Now Open

New Rehabilitation Centre

We are extremely excited to announce the opening of an on-site Rehabilitation Centre at Opal Cardinal Freeman in Ashfield, NSW.

Opal has partnered with Concentric Rehabilitation Centre to reimagine the aged care experience for residents and their families. A first of its kind, the centre will offer residents and the local community access to specialist physiotherapy and rehabilitation, helping people to improve their strength, mobility and independence.

Treatment will be delivered 1:1 by an experienced team of professionals and will be tailored to the individual’s needs. Specialised programs have been developed for residents at Opal Cardinal Freeman, targeting; neurological, cardiac, metabolic and orthopaedic conditions. We believe this service will fundamentally enhance the wellbeing and health of our residents and those in the local community.

To find out more about the new service, contact one of our team members at Opal Cardinal Freeman today (02) 8799 7000.

Opal Cardinal Freeman | 8-10 Clissold St, Ashfield, NSW 2131|