Harley Wright
Chief Commercial Officer

Opal has a significant and growing building program that puts residents and families at the centre. Our care homes are designed to create a familiar, safe and homely environment that supports resident choice and enhances independence. We also recognise the importance of catering for the delivery of services that contribute to whole of person wellbeing, including recreation and entertainment, wellness and relaxation, rehabilitation and residents’ evolving clinical care needs.”

Harley joined Opal in 2011 and is currently the Chief Commercial Officer with responsibilities for Opal’s building and development program. Prior to this, he was Opal’s Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Services. Harley has more than 10 years of Australian aged care experience and strongly believes in supporting care delivery through effective leadership and a supportive platform of systems. Harley has expertise in capital allocation, corporate strategy and governance.

Before joining Opal, Harley held roles at AMP Capital, UBS and Goldman Sachs in Australia and the USA. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law from The University of New South Wales and an MBA from Columbia Business School.